High Viscosity Pumps

High Viscosity Pumps by PollardWe are proud to be associated with POLLARD – France

POLLARD designs and manufactures high viscosity vane pumps adapted to the specific problems of industrial customers. In over sixty years, POLLARD established its reputation by developing ever more reliable, efficient and innovative products.

The company's current strategy puts the emphasis on commercial reactivity in response to French or international demand and on the ability of our design office to adapt our products technically, if necessary, to meet clients' specific requirements.

POLLARD is today appreciated by its clients for its flexibility and its ability to offer "tailor-made" pumping systems in both short and long production runs.

Our catalogue products (pumps and motor pumps units) and their derivatives are used mostly for pressures up to 20 bar continuous, and between 0.8 and 500cc, for duties such as:

  • Fluid transfer
  • Lubrication of gearboxes and transmission lines
  • Filter units
  • Circulation in temperature regulators

And in fields as varied as:

  • Vehicles and equipment for industry, agriculture, public works, railways, ships and docks, etc.
  • Machine tools
  • Food processing
  • Petrochemicals

These products can be adapted to various fluids (special products), from aqueous fluids to viscous fluids up to > 10,000 Cst.

For pumps and hydraulic components not shown in the catalogue, feel free to enquire at any time.

High Viscosity Pumps
Pollard - High Viscosity Pumps
High Viscocity Pump